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Alright, day 2 in the new job and things are going well.
There’s a great mixture of people and the folks in my general area are all great so far.
I was introduced at the Morning’s pow wow, a daily meeting for the east and west territories to catch up with one another.

I think that may be my ideal home, as an Inside Business Consultant, it’s very much like the prior positions that Ive held.
Some, but not a ton of travel required, I think it would be a good fit.

The only thing that Im not super thrilled with is that they have me on a 6 month ramp up training schedule.
Not sure what the basis is for this, it may be as a thank you to my other team member who will be sopping up the commission dollars while I provide support. (She shouldered the entire country for the past 5 months.) Or it could be tied to the fiscal year thing and sales numbers. I would guess that paying commission for two is more than paying for one because Im sure there are accelerator breaks built into T’s compensation package. Either option seems a little “off” but it is what it is. I wonder if there are plans for Tippi that Im unaware of and once Im up and running then Ill be able to do the job on my own….who knows. In the mean time Im going to get on as many projects as I can to keep myself busy.
Over all though I feel that this is a good move for me, I missed the office environment.
My temperament is more closely matched by the folks around me, which wasn’t the case in the salon. I didn’t really know how to relate to those folks. Which I think made it not as fun as could have been. Sure theres a part of me that will definitely miss the salon but realistically not that much.

Practice is going pretty well, I got Laghu V back on Monday, so today my triceps and my quads are sore sore sore. That pose is so tricky; I have to get the hang of it again. I flew through practice so that I could get into the office by 8:30ish today. Not sure if that was a good or a bad thing. I don’t know that Ill go as fast as I did today but I do like a more brisk practice.
I did 3 A’s and 3 B’s which felt really good on the body, and I held everything for 5 breaths instead of 8, although I still hold a few poses for 10 just for the extra stretch.

Its been a couple weeks since I was in the salon doing hair with the holidays and all and I can already tell a difference in my shoulder area. They are beginning to loosen up and not creak and click as much. So that’s good. Im hoping that my practice comes back full force in the next month or so.

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worst practice today….i drank almost no liquid yesterday.

a glass of water, an arranciata (sp) and that was about it. seems crazy but true.

and of course i was stiff stiff stiff. ughhh!!!!

george got spooked in the middle of the night and i woke up to him barking at god knows what. of course that made me all jumpy and i couldnt really sleep after that. so not only was i dehydrated but tired on top of it.  i cheated pretty much all the way through it. not my best showing but at least i made it.

god give me the strength to make it through the next couple of weeks at work. im so ready to be out of the salon!!!!!

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So its finally official! I will be a New Business Sales Advisor for Bumble and bumble come January 4th!!!

It was a difficult decision to come to and it took almost a year to finally make it but I have and Im happy about it.

Up to now I have always looked out and seen endless ocean, now  Im beginning to see the hint of something out there in the distance. When I fast forward my life 5 or 6 years and I see myself working until 8:00 every night and Saturdays that isnt how I want to spend my time.   Being a hairdresser is a LIFESTYLE, which I knew going in but I dont think I was prepared for the reality of it. Even if I were to do editorial (photoshoots and stuff) the hours and schedule would take me so far away from any sort of yoga practice that this major life change was all for naught. Ive come to realize that as much as my last career was far away from the person I am to far to the right this new career is the exact opposite too far to the left of where I am. In both situations I found myself trying to be someone else than who I really am. ( I hope this isnt  a theme for me…)

This new opportunity sits right in the middle! I get to use the 15 plus years of professional experience that Ihave and still be conected and involved in the beauty industry. The perfect compromise!!!

This all started when Mark and I decided to move from Queens. I was doing all the initial contacting of brokers and lawyers and I found myself writing emails and having conference calls and seriosuly missed using that part of my brain.

I kinda let it go for a while but realized that I was wasting a LARGE portion of my lifes experience. Sure it came in handy in a very indirect way communicating with clients but by and large I was starting from zero. Adding onto that was the fact that strengths of mine in the rest of my life were viewed as liabilities in the salon. Finally the toll this physical work was taking on my body was more than I wanted bear. One of the main reasons I started this experiment was to bring me closer to my yoga practice, it was having the exact opposite effect.

ITs been a bit of a struggle to let go of the identity of hairdresser, I love doing hair! Ill still do it on the side and if the economy falls through the floor again then Ill always have that trade to fall back on so its not a waste. I just needed to create more of a work life balance and I have the means to do it so Im doing it!!!

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Talk about crowded!! It was insane at practice this morning. I got there at 730 so luckily I was safely in a spot but by 810 it was jammed packed with a wait of about 6 to 10 people. Insane!!!

I was kinda worried that I was going to be all tight and uncomfortable but suprisingly I wasnt. I did  chill out on the mat for a while before I started in some passive stretches which made a huge difference. Yossi helped me in UHP and had my leg up really high, with out any real effort on his part or mine, seems that the hamstrings are just really opening up. Also, Ive been letting go of my glutes when Im inhaling the leg up which sends it right up. The only challenge it presents for me is ,when Im up , isolating the bandhas and not throwing off my balance. If I engage to hard too quickly I wobble. It all kinda comes back to the breath when you think about it, take long slow breathes coordinate your movements to your breathing and there you have it….oh wait… that IS the practice.  UM DUH!!!!!

Everything else was fantastic, backbending was deep love it when they go deep. too bad its a moonday tomorrow 😦

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Less coffee really did improve my practice. focus was there, stillness was there it was good! Im trying to increase the flow of the entire practice. I can give into the temptation of making each posture a little episode of its own. Mainly between Mari C and Supta K it becomes a series of little vignettes. the wrapping of the bandanna for Mari C & D then the spraying of water for supta K (Ill explain) its like these little interruptions between each posture. Some of them are at this point necessary others are habit. The wrapping of the bandanna in C is no longer needed so Im dropping that one. Wrapping in D isn’t totally necessary but I need to work on it.

So, Ive screwed my left hamstring up on more than one occasion getting into the Supta K not because Im not limber enough, I can put both legs behind my head with ease. More so because my leg hair gets stuck on my shoulder, I figured it out this past summer when, you know, its super hot and sweaty and I have no issue getting into Supta.  Sooo if I dont feel sweaty enough then I spray the backs of my shoulders and upper arms.  Legs slide right into place bind is right there, works like a charm 😉 So for now that one is for sure necessary. It might go away once Im doing LBH stuff but for now that one is staying. Oh not to mention needing water for Garbha P, that will probably always be necessary, unless I go vegan, not sure thats going to happen.

Backbending was amazing, I really made an effort to slow and lengthen my breathig before going into them and it makes such a huge difference. Usually Im a little wound up from the 2nd series postures and there is tension in my body which doesnt allow me to focus on the breath. Today that wasnt so much of an issue and dropback were cake!! Smooth standing no final little stepy steps fantastic!!Brett assisted me with DB’s and it was amzing, he gives a great assist. Maybe because he is tall or something but they were stellar.

Now off to a great day!

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I forgot to mention that I flipped right over in prasarita C today!! My hands have been touching the ground finally after what, 4 years. I thought Id try and push it to see if I could really get them down and over I went, luckily I practice next to the wall and it was earrrly so no harm no foul.


I saw that movie Paranormal Activity today, it was scary. Kinda like the Blair Witch Project type of thing low budget, told through the camera held by one of the characters in the film. You get the idea. Man it was chilling. Also recently saw Antichrist the Lars Von Trier film. UGHHHHH talk about a scary movie. Hard to watch in parts but a genius film none the less. Its a horror flick for adults if your into that sort of thing. Willem Dafoe is in it and I kept thinking how hes an ashtangi and how he fit this project into the yoga philosophy.



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